It's a given that each firmware update for the iPhone and iPod Touch will seal up exploits used by the Dev Team to 'Pwn' the devices, but nobody expected the new MacBooks to present a problem for would-be Jailbreakers. Users over at HowardForums and iPodTouchFans are reporting problems running the Pwnage tool on the new aluminum MacBooks, which don't seem to be able to recognize an iPhone or iPod Touch when it is booted into DFU mode, a vital requirement for jailbreaking. It's a very specific problem, too — the tool still runs, and users who have a pre-modified firmware created on another Mac or Windows machine are able to 'restore' their devices to a jailbroken state without any trouble. It's the creation of modified firmware, which is the central purpose of the Pwnage tool, that has been kneecapped. Though the hardware is where one sees the most conspicuous changes in the new MacBook, this problem most likely stems from a subtle software modification. It's not clear what specifically changed, but a new build of iTunes, unique to the new MacBooks, seems like a likely culprit. Of course, this news comes just after we're once again reminded of the App Store's awesome competition-busting rules. Your move, Dev Team. [Howard and iPodTouchFansThanks, Charles]


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