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CatPaint for iPhone Single-Pawedly Justifies the Existence of the App Store

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Within seconds of installing CatPaint, I felt like the Matisse of adding cats to photos. Within minutes, I was Leonardo da goddamn Vinci.

Sometimes the best apps are the simplest, and CatPaint is nothing if not simple. Cats can be added to preexisting photos or cat-scarce shots from the iPhone's camera, and either saved to your camera roll or sent via email. Using it takes a while to get used to: Once you've selected a cat from the app's animal palette and set the slider for size, each tap on the photo instantly splashes a new cat at the point of contact, which can't be edited, save for a temperamental shake-to-delete function. But seriously, not the point:

See?!? A dollar. [iTunes via Macworld]