CBS Launches Innertube Streaming Video Service

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The nonstop diaspora of the TV networks to the Web continues with CBS to be the next shoe to drop, opening up its own streaming media service it calls Innertube. In addition to showing episodes from CBS primetime programs, the ad-supported service will also stream content from CBS kin such as CBS Paramount Network Television, King World, and Showtime. The company also plans to show episodes of series that didn't quite make it on primetime.

Using a Flash-based player, its interface is not quite as refined as ABC's, and its compression quality is a little bit on the funky side. But unlike ABC's interface, Innertube scales up to full screen quite well. The site is just a stub so far with just three clips onboard, but you can tell it's primed for expansion. Neat. Streaming video: it's the new cable.

CBS Innertube Site