CCTV Awesomeness: How to React When a Car Crashes Into You During Lunch

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Here's some of the sweetest CCTV footage we've seen in a while: this guy was just sitting at a table by the window of a diner in North Carolina, minding his own business, when a car smashed through the wall, ramming him into the counter. His reaction? First things first, he put his hat back on. Damn. He escaped with only some minor cuts and bruises but didn't get to finish his lunch.




@Toshie: Wow! It's impossible to post anything here that makes reference to differences in statistical distributions or populations of people without someone getting upset.

Re 1:

Evidence a: Cup holders (often inserted in the US model of a car and absence in non-US models).

Evidence b: The fact that in many countries just drinking from a cup while in control of a vehicle is a ticketable office. In the US it is not.

Evidence c: Drive-throughs.

Re 2:

Evidence: Having personally taken a driving test in California and the UK. The test here in Cali is a joke. Someone can pass the test without being fit to drive. Included in this is the fact that there is no freeway driving component to the test.

It's funny how most people here in the US make frequent collective references to people in other countries and yet are offended when observation of national tendencies on their own soil are made.