Cellphone Users Are Some Rude-Ass People Nowadays

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According to two surveys, one by Tellme and one by buzzd, cellphone users are doing some pretty atrocious stuff and thinking it's alright. The worst? Talking in a movie theater.


Here's what the tellme survey shows:

• 77% say they'd talk on their phones in a theater or a concert
• 71% say they'd use their phones in a restaurant


The rest, running errands (88%), waiting at an appointment (80%), walking (78%), visiting friends (68%) aren't so bad, but three out of four people would talk in a theater? Really? I don't want to be old man Chen, but kids these days! *shakes fist*

The buzzd one also says that 60% of cellphone users have drunk dialed, and 68% have drunk texted. I'd say drunk dialing is a much better offense than talking at a theater. A drunken hookup hurts at most two, maybe three people, depending on the circumstances. A cellphone conversation during Iron Man 2 affects everyone.

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I would not talk in a theater, and if I got a call in a restaurant I would excuse myself and go outside