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If our handy tips for getting out of your cellular service contract didn't work, here's help: Celltradeusa, a service that's been around for about a year now, claims to be able to get you out of that ball and chain by hooking you up with someone who's looking for a contract. You put up your user profile, listing your remaining contract obligation, and then others can contact you if they're willing to take over the rest of your contract. Celltradeusa ensures a "smooth transfer of responsibility." If you find somebody willing to take over your contract, Celltradeusa charges you $19.95 to be a member and make it happen.


There must be a catch here. Celltradeusa says the cellular providers are eager to help, and are "happy to assist you with the contract transfer of responsibility." All that has to happen is the person taking over your contract has to pass your cellphone provider's credit check. The company admits that things get a bit dicey if you want to keep your phone number. But it's hard to believe that any cellular provider would be eager to help with anything.

Anyway, sure would be nice to ditch my cellphone provider and that dreadful Motorola Q so I could get a brand-new cellie for Christmas. Anybody care to share experiences you've had with this Celltradeusa site?

Product Page [Celltradeusa]