CES 2007: Olympus Digital Voice Recorders Double as DAPs

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Olympus rolls out an improved line of digital voice recorders that double as digital audio players, and we're liking their detachable stereo microphones and 44.1kHz recording capability. Voice menus make them easier to use, too, and their updated software makes downloading music and RSS podcast feeds a cinch.

The DS recorder line will be available this month and consists of three versions, the DS-30 256MB model will be $150, the DS-40 will pack 512MB at $200, and the flagship is the DS-50, storing a gig and retailing at $250.


Olympus digital voice recorders are great for journos and interviewers, and the tiny devices pretty much have a lock on the market. Rightfully so. I've been using the company's excellent DM-1 digital recorder for years, and it's virtually indestructible. But the detachable stereo mic on this DS-50, along with its higher-fidelity recording just might be enough to convince me to finally retire its trusty ancestor.

Press Release [Olympus, via CrunchGear]

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