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It's Day Two of our pre-CES merriment and tonight promises to be... well, it promises to be. There's a bunch of stuff going on that we figured you would want to know about. So what's on Giz's plate this fine night in the desert?

Tonight is Digital Experience, a kind of side show to CES where companies show off their latest goods. It's there to whet your appetites even further before the real show kicks off. Supposedly there's a pirate theme going on at this event, which is being held at Caesar's Palace. We'll be there to get all the latest gadget intel. And to drink like pirates. Parlay?


HP is also throwing a little fiesta at a local nightclub to thank the industry for forgetting about its penchant for spying. There's an HD-DVD press event that at least some of us will be going to (wearing Blu-ray hats, of course.) Verizon is showing some press love at the tower of the Palms hotel. Hopefully, the "Can you hear me now?" guy will be there so we can pants him. Lastly, Philips is having a press dinner. getting us fat and happy. Be there or be square!

Oh, wait, we're covering a bunch of new gadget launches, inherently making us all squares. Never mind.

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