CESpool: The Hot Gadget Action Starts Tonight

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Everyone has a busy week or two in the year that they think about for months beforehand. College kids have final exams. Accountants have April 15th. Retailers have Black Friday. Santa has the 12 days before Xmas.

For Gizmodo, this week is the salmon run of tech journalism. It's the week when the Apple Keynote collides with the mega electro main event, CEA's Consumer Electronics Show, give us the most important unveilings of the year. There will be more news than any single blog can keep up with.


And it kicks-off today at 4PM with CES Unveiled: The Official Press Event of the International CES. This is where 80 tech companies, including the winners of the Innovations design and engineering awards, will show off their wares to a bunch of journalists who look like they just got off an airplane. (Which they did, except they look that way all the time anyhow).

Later that night we'll be chowing down at Nobu with DTS digital entertainment.

And the Storage Visions conference gets underway at The Flamingo, according to the great CES party list-maker Karen Thomas.

Wish you were here.

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