Charge All Your iOS Gear From a Single Outlet With Griffin's PowerDock 5

If your bedside table has become an unmanageable menagerie of phones, tablets, and other devices charging overnight, Griffin wants to bring order to your chaos of cables. The company's new PowerDock 5 charging station has a footprint no larger than an iPad, but can accomodate up to five tablets, or a mix of devices, and charge them all from a single power outlet.

Available sometime in the spring for $100, the PowerDock 5 is a bit more pricey than just dedicating a powerbar to the task, but it also promises to keep your stack of devices neat and tidy. And while Griffin is positioning the charger for use with the entire gambit of Apple mobile devices, since they all connect to a series of USB ports along one side, there's no reason it can't be used with any hardware slim enough to fit in its slots and capable of charging over USB.



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