Charge these Super Future Boots via USB

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Wouldn't it be awesome if hidden inside your winter boots there was a little button that, if pushed, would provide 4-6 hours of sustained foot-cozying heat? Or a toasty jacket that helped you retain 20% more body heat? Well, Columbia has you covered with its new Omni-Heat® Thermal Technologies.

Omni-Heat Thermal Electric Boots: These boots aren't just cool-looking—they use electric powered thermal technology. Which means you literally have the power to get warmer with the push of a button. State-of-the-art heating elements and electronics are protected from the elements and easily operated by waterproof control switch, and pressing that baby will give you heated boots from 4-6 hours*. The lithium-ion polymer battery units are removable and rechargeable via USB connectivity. (*Duration of heat depends on the model of boot and user-selected heat settings.)


Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective Jacket: Silver is the color of the future, right? So the aluminum-dotted lining of Columbia Omni-Heat jackets is appropriate, because it's as cutting-edge as you're going to get. It reflects and retains the warmth your body generates, while dissipating moisture and excess heat.

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