Charlie Jane Anders Is Announcing Her New Book Right Here on io9!

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Charlie Jane Anders reads one of her stories at the New Zealand Book Festival.
Charlie Jane Anders reads one of her stories at the New Zealand Book Festival.
Photo: Matt Grace (Matt Grace Photography)

io9 co-founder Charlie Jane Anders has done a lot of kick-ass things in the past few years: winning a Nebula (for her debut novel, All the Birds in the Sky) and a Hugo (for the podcast she co-hosts with io9 co-founder Annalee Newitz, Our Opinions Are Correct); having her second novel, The City in the Middle of the Night, picked up for TV adaptation; and joining the writers’ room for FX’s Y: The Last Man. And she’ll soon be adding another accomplishment to the list: a new short story collection.

io9 is excited to break the news today that Tor Books will be releasing Anders’ Even Greater Mistakes in early 2021.


“A lot of the stories in this collection were written while I was working on io9, and they came out of conversations we were having on the site or weird science things I was reading about on the site,” Anders said. “So it feels especially appropriate for io9ers to be the first people to find out about this upcoming book, which definitely would not exist in this form without io9.”


If you think we’re thrilled about this news, well, so is the author! “Most of the time, a short story takes hours (or weeks, or months) of attention and focus and love, and then all too often, it barely gets noticed amongst the amazing wealth of other stuff that people could be reading right now,” she said. “There’s something super magical about a whole book of short stories, especially short stories by one author. It’s a whole bunch of worlds! All from the same brain! Having my own big book of short stories has been my dream ever since I started writing fiction, and I am just overjoyed that it’s finally coming true.”

She also shared a tentative table of contents—note that her Hugo-winning Six Months, Three Days is included here—with a caveat that the final book may include additional or alternate stories:

As Good As New (6424 words)

Rat-Catcher’s Yellows (4377 words)

The Time Travel Club (9868 words)

Six Months, Three Days (8026 words)

Love Might Be Too Strong a Word (5400 words)

Vampire Zombie vs Fairy Werewolf (6064 words)

Ghost Champagne (6757 words)

My Breath Is a Rudder (4800 words)

Power Couple (3263 words)

Rock Manning Goes For Broke (21404 words)

Because Change Was the Ocean and We Lived By Her Mercy (6682 words)

Captain Roger in Heaven (8569 words)

Clover (6200 words)

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nasty Things (1824 words)

A Temporary Embarrassment in Spacetime (10,500 words)

Don’t Press Charges, and I Won’t Sue (7487 words)

The Bookstore at the End of America (7300 words)

The Visitmothers (1487 words)

In a press release about Even Greater Mistakes, Anders explained that “short fiction has always been my first love, and the place where I get to experiment with tone, voice, and just seeing how much bizarreness I can get away with. So it’s a dream come true to have a full-length collection of my short fiction, and to showcase all the different directions I’ve gone in my writing that might not show up quite so much in my novels.”


“These stories tackle queerness, community, the absurdity of real life, identity, climate change, and the dangers of messing with a cult that worships a giant space testicle. My hope is that this book will leave people with a few new phobias, and a renewed sense of the awesome potential of the short story. I am so grateful to everyone at Tor for believing in these stories and giving me this fantastic opportunity.”


Even Greater Mistakes isn’t due out until 2021, but in the meantime, you can catch up on other things Anders and Newitz have been up to lately by checking out the links below.

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