Chase Down the New Wonder Woman by Watching Lynda Carter's Classic Series

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.
Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.
Image: Warner Bros.

It’s been a couple of days since Wonder Woman 1984 hit HBO Max, which means, if you’re a big superhero or Wonder Woman person, you’ve probably already seen it. Fortunately, there’s even more Wonder Woman to watch.


In advance of the release of the movie, HBO Max (as pointed out by Entertainment Weekly) shared a treat: the full run of Lynda Carter’s iconic Wonder Woman series. Released in the 1970s, it played a huge role in making the character an icon, immortalizing Lynda Carter as the avatar of Diana Prince up until Gal Gadot came along. Also starring Lyle Waggoner as Steve Trevor, the show ran for three seasons.

You can also, if you’re so inclined, watch a 2009 animated feature with Keri Russel as Diana, which sounds like pretty great casting to me. 

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Hadrian Mosley


It’s a bit shit though isnt it? I mean it’s not like 60's Batman where you can have fun with it.  Still, better than the 70's Captin America TV movie and Captain Marvel/Shazam series.