Check Out the Creepy New Title Sequence for American Horror Story: Hotel!

American Horror Story has always prided itself on its elaborately weird title sequences—and the upcoming one for Hotel is no exception, right down to the creepy nightmares crawling out of the beds.


FX released the full sequence yesterday, full of neon signs counting down the 10 commandments in between all sorts of ghoulish sights, through the lens of the peephole on a hotel door. Skeletons, ghostly figures floating down corridors, and some bizarre, bed-based horror as beds grab whoever’s lying on them... or burst open to reveal creepy people crawling out. Sure, this isn’t as scary as bedbugs, but it’s still enough to give you the heebie-jeebies.

American Horror Story: Hotel begins on October 7th.



So, is everyone going to watch this one? I heard how good season 1 was, hopped on the train for season 2 and loved it. Seasons 3 and 4 had so much squandered promise (I stopped watching season 4 around the half-way point - once the clown was killed, it was less exciting for me). Just curious what everyone thinks.