Check out the difference between a new and used toothbrush in this cool microscopic view

The easiest way to be a lazy human with bad hygiene is to not change your toothbrush every so often. Maybe after watching this enlightening video from Applied Science, we all can change that. Using a powerful microscope, we get to see the difference between a brand new toothbrush and an old toothbrush. The new one is actually the one with all the extra gunk and layers on the bristles (it helps remove plaque on your teeth). The old toothbrush, which is only a few months old, is totally slick and stripped down (and worse at removing plaque).

As always with Applied Science, we get to hear the nitty gritty technical details on how the imagery was all captured too (which is always really fascinating to learn about). Watch the video below.


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Okay, I’ll replace my 6 month old toothbrush now.