And so, it will. Alongside voices like Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos, per Variety, there will be an anchor from the network that has spent an inordinate amount of time talking about Hilary Clinton even though it’s 2018. Sure, those time slots will at least in part be anchored by Shep Smith, who has gotten a reputation at the company for being “anti-Trump” simply by offering reasonable criticisms of the administration.

Over time the network may fall away as a focal point of the schedule. Facebook is planning on offering an additional slate of programming in the coming months that will include coverage from McClatchy, NowThis, and TEGNA. Facebook also intends to dive into local news—though hopefully the company doesn’t tap Sinclair for that effort.

Who knows how successful Facebook’s news effort will be. It very well could flop—there’s a lot of ways to get news updates over the course of the day already, and it’s not clear having programming on Facebook makes things staying informed any easier. Just head over to the Watch tab that you probably have never intentionally clicked on prior to this to see how things go.


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