Check Out the Upcoming Lord of the Rings Tower Defense iPhone Game

What'd I learn from my hands-on with Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense, the forthcoming LOTR tower defense game? That Aragorn's just as much of a badass when he's small enough to fit it the palm of your hand.


Glu Games, the developers behind the game, are shooting for a December launch. Lord of the Rings: Middle Earth Defense is the first officially licensed LOTR title for the iPhone, which means that all your favorites, from Legolas to Samwise, are there awaiting your orc-slaying instruction. In my brief, look the gameplay seemed solid and the graphics looked great, but most of all I was geeking out because it was motherfreaking Lord of the Rings on the iPhone. [Glu]


I have six full-fledged TD games on my iPhone currently.

And I still suck at them. :(