Chess Teacher: Built-In Cheat Sheets for Airheads

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The Chess Teacher helps beginners learn the ancient game with crib notes inscribed on the back of each piece, showing how they're allowed to move. This might be an excellent aid in teaching your young apprentice the art and logic of chess. The $18 set includes a chess board and instruction booklet in case all those little markings on the back aren't enough.


Perhaps this beats learning on a computer, which can certainly get a bit annoying with those grating error noises cropping up every time you try to make an illegal move. Or, what about this: you could just memorize the way the chess pieces move. We're thinking that if you're not able commit their movement patterns to memory, you may not be a very good candidate for chess, anyway.

Chess Teacher [Miles Kimball, via Oh Gizmo]

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A while ago I played a buddy of mine at a remote game of chess, limited by text e-mail as the only communication. We both had identical excel spreadsheets with a 'chess' font. We would mail each other the co-ordinates as they were on the excel cells.

The thing is I was relitavely new to chess, and my buddy was a self proclaimed guru. Also, he 'reminded me' he had a significant intelligence advantage over me and there was no way I could win.

I used a similar concept to these chess pieces, using the drawing toolbar and painting cells where there was a threat or safe passage. (I'd use a big red line to indicate where he could move his Queen or colour the cell red where he could move his knight). This allowed me to see one or two moves ahead really clearly, so I was able to concentrate on the strategy and only periodically had to assess where pieces can move.

I applied a little Sun Tsu and all I had to do was wait for him to slip up, which he ultimatly did. Needless to say he doesn't proclaim superior intellect or I remind him he was totally pwned!!!

So yeah, I recon this will help a newbe by not letting them make the simple mistakes, levelling the playing field a little more....