Chevy Volt Will Charge Your Gadgets Inductively

Wireless inductive charging is awesome. You take your gadget, set it, forget it. It's like an infomercial. Know what's even better? When Powermat and Chevy join forces to integrate the technology in your car, where it's especially useful.


New Chevy Volt cars will come with the power mat integrated into it's center dash space, so all you have to do is equip your phone/device/gadget with the proper backplate/case and it will charge when you place it on the surface. And since it already works with over a 1000 devices, chances are there's a way to charge what ever it is that needs charging. This is something I wouldn't mind seeing in all new cars, because wires kinda suck.

Tangentially Related Note: The product endorsement from Bob Marley spawn/Lauryn Hill spouse/self-professed non-techie Rohan Marley has yet to lose replay value after repeated viewings. [BaderTV]



Might be nice if someone could make a GPS unit that can be powered by induction. Assuming the Volt does not have built in GPS, it would remove the most annoying wire I deal with in my car.