ChiliPad Regulates Bed Temperature, You Supply the Hotness

Illustration for article titled ChiliPad Regulates Bed Temperature, You Supply the Hotness

If you're jittery about an electric blanket frying your brain, here's the ChiliPad from T2 International to keep you warm all night long, using technology normally seen in cooling systems for overclocked PCs. Water flows through soft coils in this mattress pad, either heating your bed up to 105° in the winter or keeping you nice and chilled at 65° in the summer.

If you're a cool cat sleeping with a hotty, each of you can control your own temperature via a remote control for each of its two zones. You'll pay $479-$999 depending on your mattress size. Hey, this could save some money on heating and air conditioning. [Chili Technology, via New Launches]

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Burgundy Corningstone

Mmm... chilled in the summer. Cuz there's nothing like sleeping on cold, clammy, 65 degree water... sucking the heat right out of our body.