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China Says It Has a Laser Gun For Blasting Drones Out of the Sky

Illustration for article titled China Says It Has a Laser Gun For Blasting Drones Out of the Sky

Unlicensed drones spying on China better watch out because the People's Republic reportedly has a super terrifying laser weapon designed to blast small aircraft out of the sky.


The Guardian reports that China's state-run media "unveiled" the new laser, which China says has a range of 1.2 miles and can take down a target within five seconds. The laser weapon is effective against targets at 1600 feet in the air flying up to 111 mph. That sounds mighty menacing.


Trotting the weapon out is obviously supposed to make spying and prying eyes think twice before flying over China. But it's not technology we've never seen before: Over a year ago, we watched a demonstration of the US Navy blasting a drone out of the sky with a laser. Where's your video, China? Pics or it didn't happen. [The Guardian]

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If it has a range of 1.2 miles, why is it only effective against objects flying up to 1600ft? Also, what flies at only 111mph?