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China's Second Aircraft Carrier Is a Hotel

Illustration for article titled Chinas Second Aircraft Carrier Is a Hotel

China's first aircraft carrier recently set sail in full military regalia. Its second aircraft carrier will serve a more humble purpose as a floating hotel.


The retired Soviet ship is stationed at the Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park. It's too old to serve as a military vessel so the owners turned the ship into a luxury hotel.


There's two presidential rooms stocked with ice-cold champagne, a king-sized bed and big screen TV. It was designed with an internal decadence that offers a stark contrast from its steel grey exterior. This disparity will let visitors learn more about this military vessel without sacrificing any creature comforts. [Xinhua via MIC Gadget]

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well... I hear decommissioned soviet ships sink before they even get to the boneyard. Might make me worried of being on a ship that I dont know when it was due out of commission..