Chinese Couple Sells Baby for Cellphone Money

Illustration for article titled Chinese Couple Sells Baby for Cellphone Money

Faced with the prospect of raising a child they couldn't support, a pair of young, unmarried lovers in China decided to sell their little baby boy for just enough money to buy a cellphone.


It sounds like the couple sought support from their parents before handing their child to a stranger for 2,500 yuan (roughly $366), but it's unclear if that was what pushed their decision. No matter why they did what they did, in the end the pair regretted their decision, and are now attempting to get the child back.

Apparently they may actually even stand a chance of getting the child back because the fellow who purchased him raised some sort of authorities' suspicions and the toddler ended up safe and sound in the care of a welfare center. Other than a truly happy ending, all that's left missing now is word on whether the lovers are returning the cellphone they bought with the proceeds from the child-sale. [Global Times]

Note: The picture above was taken by Micah Sittig, and the cutie in it is not the child from the story.



What kind of phone could I get for a snotty, college age kid?