Chirping Perch Reminds You Of a Forgotten Charger

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Remembering to pack your phone's charger while traveling is even more important than clean underwear these days. And with a few subtle chirps, the Perch promises to remind you to pack your most important of cables.

It looks like a power adapter, but the Perch is designed to sit in-between your charger and an outlet, reminding you to take your cable once a charging device has been disconnected. Kind of like the alarms at an ATM reminding you to take your bank card.


For what it does the Perch seems unreasonably large, particularly since it's targeted at travelers who typically prefer more compact accessories. But its size probably accounts for its under $10 price tag, which is considerably cheaper than replacing a forgotten charger. For that price I'd probably buy two to ensure I never forget to pack my Perch either. [Gizmofusion via Ubergizmo]