Chocolate Sushi

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A quickie before we get to the real news of the day, MacWorld Boston which is starting AS WE SPEAK OMG and to which we're sending our roving Computer Genius Editor, Will, whose hard-hitting-news-gathering-skills are second only to his burping-the-Louie-Louie-skills.

This is not sushi. It is chocolate. Those "roe eggs" on top are make of gummy apricot dots and the seaweed wrapper is made of dark chocolate. They have a full cavalcade of these fish/chocolate mutations including green tea wasabi and choco-shrimp. [Thanks, Mark]

UPDATE - An unsolicited review by reader

I bought some Kooki Sushi for my fiancee for Valentines and I must say that it is crap. It is a work of art, but they just taste like plain sugar, and therefore a rip off. You can go ahead and make a $100 mistake like I did, but Kooki Sushi makes girls cry when they eventually throw it out uneaten.


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