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Choose a Drinking Establishment According to "Vibe" with Don Q's New Barometer App

Illustration for article titled Choose a Drinking Establishment According to Vibe with Don Qs New Barometer App

Picking the perfect watering hole can be tough. You might not know exactly where to go to satisfy your urge for, say, one of those places with a mechanical bull. If only you had a group of locals that knew just the spot...


You do! Barometer is a new app from Don Q Rum that allows you to see what's happening where so you don't end up at a fromage and rosé joint with background music provided by a harpist. Barometer provides real-time vibe data for bars and venues. Is the mechanical bull place a nightmare because of competing bachelorette parties? Conversely, is the place down the street a "Hipster's Paradise" that's hosting the best DJ ever in the history of DJs? So maybe you go to that other joint and save the bull place for another night.

Once you're there, check-in, add your two cents to the groupthink by rating it, then share where you are with all of your fellow thirsty friends who may be roaming the neighborhood looking for exactly the kind of place you've discovered (go, you!). Then they'll come by, and you'll revel in technology over a few cold ones, and your night out will turn into one of those nights.


Get Barometer here, and let the drinking commence!

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