Chris Christie Addresses Becoming a Dead-Eyed Meme: 'I Wasn't Being Held Hostage'

Image credit: Associated Press

“I wasn’t being held hostage,” Chris Christie said today, explaining why popular interpretations of his haunted expression on Super Tuesday are wrong.

“All these arm chair psychiatrists should give it a break,” Christie continued. Sure, bud.


“I’ve had a lot of fun with people on the internet too,” Christie said, acknowledging his moment as the internet’s Number One Sad Vine Boy.

“It wasn’t the kind of circumstance where I’d be jumping up and down and screaming and smiling,” the New Jersey governor said, explaining why he looked like he wanted to fucking die the entire time Trump was talking.



This level of denial coming from Christie might be surprising, but this is a guy who maintains an obsessive level of fandom for a man who hates him that really only makes sense if he can successfully lie to himself like a pro.

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