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Chromium Nerds Leak New Samsung Chrome OS Laptop

Once upon a time, Google promised that their much-hyped Chrome OS laptops would be coming in mid-year. Alas, details of a Samsung Chromebook, codenamed Alex, have surfaced in the Chromium code group, giving us hope that they'll soon arrive.

The notebook is purported to have an Intel N550 Atom processor (dual core, 1.5 GHz), 2 gigs of RAM, a 1200x800 display, a Sandisk SSD, and a Synaptics touchpad, along with all the usual laptop trimmings. The touchpad is especially key since Synaptics makes the best ones in the business, and the touchpad on the CR-48 was nothing short of dreadful. But someone needs to tell Samsung and google that spring is gonna be over before we know it, and they should to hurry up and release this thing. [ Chrome Niews via Samsung Hub via BGR]


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Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer

I've had my Cr-48 since they came out. I defended it as much as I could for a long time but now I just can't see myself buying one or recommending one to the average user. Tablets killed it for me, both the iPad and the increasing number of respectable Android tablets. It just makes more sense from a portability and value standpoint. They do more then just browse the internet and they browse just as well as Chrome OS. Yeah maybe the on screen keyboard isn't great for writing things but no one is buying them to be their only computer and the same would be said of Chrome OS. This then puts any Chrome OS notebook in the worse category possible, at any price point there is a device whether a tablet or a windows notebook that does more. The concept isn't bad but, the market just isn't there for the devices. Yeah I'm not saying anything new, but this is my own public admission of how I new see Chrome OS.