By now, you've all but certainly seen The Dark Knight Rises, but I'm willing to bet that some of you haven't seen Chronicle. Before anyone gets too upset, I'm not about to say that the two universes are on par or anything, but Chronicle's dark take on superheroism is interesting to consider up against Nolan's Batman trilogy.

The premise of Chronicle — superhuman sort-of-jackass teens, one of whom is a bullied misfit, all filmed in a sort of faux-documentary style — has a lot of potential, and the film executes on most of it. There's a bit at the end, where the movie "clicks" into it's climax that's sort of underdeveloped and a little silly, but other than that, it's a good movie. Not oscar material, but good as far as no-name superhero movies go. Right now, it's a $3.99 rental on Amazon Instant, and at that price point, it's a good bet.


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