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Circuit City's annual Holiday Survey results came out today and—surprise!—the company reports that out of 2,200 poll participants, most want consumer tech this holiday. For the third year running, electronics have beat out "family trip," "new car," "home appliances" and "other" as the gift of choice for the majority (OK, 51 percent) of moms and dads taking the poll. But this is a bit of a drop-off from the 2004 numbers, when 74 percent said they'd prefer high tech toys to all else.

In detail, most gadget fiends want to receive new televisions more than any thing else, especially high-def sets. New computers ranked second, and third on the list for men boys want video game consoles, while gals want digital cameras.


Take this as a reminder to make out wish lists—it's never too soon to ask for a Wii.

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