Citibank Releases RFID Credit Cards

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People who claim RFID marks the end of the world should probably step aside for a moment now that Citibank is starting to release credit cards that use the radio technology. The MasterCard PayPass looks like a ordinary keychain, but the embedded RFID chip replaces the traditional magnetic strip found on regular credit cards. Once waved in front of a PayPass reader, the user's credit card is automatically charged. Considering such readers aren't very common yet, the RFID credit card is still some time away from replacing your precious piece of plastic.


Many have gone to great lengths to protect themselves from the tentacle-like reach of RFID technology because they're crazy concerned about the risks that the technology brings. A big overreaction, or justified paranoia?


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love My RFID Credit Card [Gearlog via Popgadget]

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