Clairvoyant Watch Warns You When It's a Bad Time

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Swiss watchmaker Borgeaud has teamed up with Indian fortune tellers to create a watch that allegedly predicts the future. When things are about to go sour, a bedpan-shaped section on the watch will turn brown.


According to the Borgeaud site, the watch automatically displays a daily 90-minute period called the Raju Kaal, which is believed to be a terrible time to make important decisions or start new projects.

Called "The Pachang," after one of the world's oldest almanacs, the watch will only revert back to its normal color after the Raju Kaal is over and "dark astral forces" have left the area.

Borgeaud is only producing 650 of the watches, with prices set above $2000 each. I predict they'll become a great way to weed out rich idiots. [Ananova]


Doesn't every watch already predict the future? It tells you exactly how long it is going to take to get to the next hour, and its rarely wrong.

"Hey look, my watch tells me that in exactly 39 minutes, its going to be 9:52 am! The thing must be clairvoyant!"