Clarion DriveEye Records Your Next Car Accident

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The cops won't be the only ones with those wild car wreck videos any more, because now you can clamp this Clarion DriveEye recorder onto your car's windshield and record some really rad video as soon as you get into your next accident. But wait, who would buy this? Someone who's planning to have an accident later today?


Created to document unfortunate situations for the accident prone, this little device has a G-force sensor hooked up to a solid-state camera that's always recording, and if it senses a sudden stop, it saves the 15 seconds of video before and five seconds afterward, perfect to play back in court when you're trying to explain to the judge why it's not your fault.

Clarion has constructed the DriveEye out of tough magnesium alloy, hoping that it will be able to survive all but the most horrific accidents. We're thinking it might be bad luck is to tack one of these suckers on your windshield, as if you're expecting—or maybe even hoping—to get into a really bad wreck. Well, if you get overly eager to use the thing, it also has a manual recording function.

They must have a lot more accidents in Japan, because that's where this DriveEye will first be available for $412. Reminds us of a similar device marketed in Korea, the Black Eagle GPS that works the same way. Maybe these systems are coming soon to an accident scene near you. [Technabob]



that would be good to have in an area prone to swoop-n-squat insurance fraud scams.

plus if you can manually record it would be good for if you get pulled over and the cops get all "violatey" on your rights.