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Class Up Your Camping With a Canteen That Turns Into a Pint Glass

Drinking from a canteen’s spout is fine when you’re just rehydrating after a hike. But once camp is set up, you’ll probably be drinking something other than water, and that’s where this canteen from the Stable Goods Co. really shines. Flip it over, remove the bottom, and suddenly you’ve got a wide-mouthed pint glass.

Illustration for article titled Class Up Your Camping With a Canteen That Turns Into a Pint Glass

Even if your camping adventures are far from roughing it, keeping your gear to a minimum is important if you’re heading into the woods with just a backpack. And if something can do double-duty, there’s all the more reason to bring it along.


The base of the aptly-named Pint is not only removable, it can also be attached to the canteen’s spout so the whole thing doesn’t tip over and dump your drink when used as a pint glass. Being able to open the $32 Pint from both ends also makes it much easier to clean when all you have for a dishwasher is a nearby babbling brook.

[Stable Goods Co. via Bless This Stuff]

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easy to clean too.