Clearwire: We're Going To Keep Unlimited Data Plans Alive

AT&T may be killing unlimited data plans, but wireless broadband provider Clearwire is going to keep giving us what we want. Here's an explanation of their thoughts on unlimited data and tiered pricing—complete with a jab at AT&T.


While large wireless carriers are moving away from unlimited data plans or signaling a desire to do so, Clearwire continues to offer unlimited data plans on a faster, open 4G network. You might ask why Clearwire can do this, while larger incumbents can't. The answer is simple. We have an all-IP network and unrivaled spectrum position, providing unmatched capacity to deliver mobile data. To put it in terms of old landline technology, our "pipe" is much bigger - several times that of incumbent carriers.

This is why technological debates about radio standards (WiMAX vs. LTE vs. HSPA+) are misplaced, and why larger incumbents are moving to tiered pricing despite plans to upgrade their networks to new technologies. We know that customers want faster speeds and more usage at a good price. Our cost efficient, high capacity, and highly-scalable all IP-network backbone, combined with our unmatched spectrum position gives us a unique and sustainable advantage to serve our retail and wholesale businesses.

Our open network, means that Wi-Fi equipped devices including those manufactured by Apple for example, can access our network using our personal 4G/Wi-Fi hotspot. [Above is] a video that we recorded last year demonstrating an iPhone running on our 4G network vs. a 3G network.

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Damn! Thought i had coverage because of all the green around me (parks, golf courses etc.) They need different colored coverage "dots"