Coffee Nerds With Fancy Grinders Mocked by Twee Girl With Fancy Clothes

Coffee enthusiasts everywhere felt the painful sting of pop-culture mockery last night when The New Girl featured butt-of-all-jokes Schmidt bitching about his conical burr grinder. If you watch the show, you know that Schmidt is a sort of combination douche/hipster/trend-whore, not the kind of person your average home-brewer would want to be compared to.

Embarrassing admission: I have to side with Schmidt here. Want great coffee? Need a great grinder. So back off. [The New Girl]

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The only people who find things like this funny, are people who aren't the subject of the joke. I'm a science/gaming/tech nerd and I don't find the big bang theory funny at all. The only people who DO find it funny, that I know personally, are people who were type of people in high school to beat up or pick on the nerds.

This is only amusing to people who don't care about coffee. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but there's nothing wrong with loving coffee enough to take extra care in producing a cup of it either.