In the wake of Amazon's questionable tactics in dealing with publishing house Hachette, many Amazon shoppers are questioning their loyalty to the mega-seller. Stephen Colbert, not one to hide his anger, unleashed on Amazon in a less-than-subtle way last night.


A big reason for the anger in this case is that Colbert's own books are published by Hachette, and it probably feels pretty crappy seeing your creation pushed to the back of the line. He was so impassioned, he revealed a sticker design reading, "I didn't buy it on Amazon," meant to be placed on any book you purchase that didn't come from Amazon.

Colbert isn't the first late night host to engage directly with a hot tech issue. Just last week we saw John Oliver take the FCC to task for their vile stupidity. It was awesome, but hey dudes, this is our turf. [NYT]


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