Nocturna: Side A - The Great Old Man’s Night

A 100-year old man receives a Scrooge-esque supernatural reckoning in the trailer for the first “side” of Gonzalo Calzada’s new horror double bill, Nocturna.

Nocturna: Side B - Where Elephants Go to Die

Meanwhile, said reckoning is investigated documentary-style in the trailer for Nocturna: Side B - Where Elephants Go to Die.

The Flash

Bart and Nora celebrate the holidays by fixing their dad’s time crimes in a new trailer for the March 9 return episode of The Flash.


Relatedly, the original Poison Ivy comes to Batwoman (and possibly a new Joker...) in the trailer for the series’ January 12 return.

Smiling Friends

Adult Swim has released a trailer for Smiling Friends, a new series premiering January 9 about a company who promises to bring joy to its clients.


Finally, Christina Ricci and Samantha Hanratty discuss “the villainous golden retriever” Misty in a new Yellowjackets featurette.

Banner art by Jim Cook