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So if you take Instagram, which lets you share photos with a select group of friends, and take out the ability to choose your friends, what do you have? Color, which is available for the iPhone and Android. It's a bit confusing.

The NYT explains that you can see other Color users' photos—provided they're geographically around you—and see yourself in those photos. But is this useful on a day-to-day basis? It's unclear. Also confusing are the app's icons, which are unlabeled.


What is clear is that you really need other people to be around you to make use of the app. Right now there is nobody around me, so all I'm seeing are my own photos. But I could see this being neat at a party, where people take quick snapshots of fun events throughout the night, and others can share or browse through the timeline. This would be one nerdy party. Or at an office, where you and your coworkers want to document your shared misery. [Color]

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