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Color-Changing Shower Head Protects Your Junk from Scalding

Illustration for article titled Color-Changing Shower Head Protects Your Junk from Scalding

Temperature-detecting faucets have been available here for a while, but the same concept for shower heads has been mostly a Japanese-only affair. Imagine our surprise when we found these shower heads from China, which have four different shades to correspond to different temperatures: white for "I need to pay my utilities," blue for "damn it, I should have waited for the water to heat up," pink and violet for "ahhh, time to pee," and hot red for "ouch my nads." And since it's from China, it's pretty likely that this shower head should appear in cheap online and offline stores sometime soon. [Alibaba via Gadgets News]


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@jeffj-nj: not really. You should grab a thermometer and test the temp of your water when you shower. It might surprise you.