Color-Changing Stained Glass Makes It Easy For Cathedrals To Redecorate

A group of Japanese researchers from the University of Tokyo, the Segawa Laboratory at RCAST, and Sony have created a prototype glass panel with intricate designs that's able to change color based on the how much energy is supplied from an attached rechargeable battery. In other words, it's stained glass for a generation who swaps their smartphone's wallpaper five times a day.

The prototypes were created using energy-storable dye-sensitized solar cells—or ES-DSSCs—developed by the Segawa Laboratory, as well as color-changing rechargeable batteries that were integrated into the panels. As the batteries lose their charge, they slowly change from transparent to a deep blue shade, which can change the entire color panel of the stained glass' design.


Uses in gothic architecture aside, the color-changing panels have the potential to be used in full-color animated displays that don't require as much energy as a backlit LCD panel to run. Or as a way to dynamically adjust the color of a lamp or lighting to change the mood in a room, or just complement its decor. [Nikkei Technology]

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