Color E-Paper Debuts on Waterproof MP3 Player

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E-ink and e-paper are the display buzzwords of the moment, but generally the devices are mono colored... until now. And though KDDI showed a concept color e-paper display recently, it looks like the first device to market sporting a colored e-paper display will be an MP3 player from Freestyle Audio. Qualcomm have come up with the paper, and it works by having multiple layers in the display: light is partially reflected at each layer, and due to wavelength filtering and interference between the light the colors are generated. Choice of color is achieved by varying the distance between the layers electrostatically. Clever stuff indeed...and of course it's instantly got us wondering about the possibilities for the Kindle 3. [TechnologyReview]


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I must need a "Giz Explains" article on this, because I don't grok e-ink and e-paper. How does this differ from a standard LCD-type screen?