Combat Cavities By Re-Growing Your Decaying Teeth

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A team of researchers at the University of Leeds' School of Chemistry is developing a pain-free method to combat cavities.


The technique uses a fluid called P 11-4 that has a fiber-like peptide. When the fluid is applied to a damaged tooth, it fills the tooth's cavities and forms a gel matrix that attracts calcium.

Slowly, this matrix will rebuild the damaged part of the tooth. Best of all, there's no Novocaine, no drilling and no maniacal dentists involved. [GizMag]


Denver is too damn high

Years ago there was news about genetically modified tobacco plants that produced a gell or something like that when processed. This gell could be bonded to teeth making them white and 100% impervious from decay causing agents. Brush if you want to but only to wipe away the residue on top of the shell that now protected your teeth. It was safe and only needed to be applied once.

never heard of it again. I'm guessing it's been bought and hidden away in some filing cabinet at Colgate.

I expect the same will happen here.