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Coming Soon: Matrixstream 1080p IPTV Streaming

Illustration for article titled Coming Soon: Matrixstream 1080p IPTV Streaming

You've seen how voice-over-IP services such as Vonage and Skype have turned the world of plain old telephone service upside-down, and now Matrixstream may be just about to play a similar trick on the cable TV and satellite TV market space with its end-to-end IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) set-top box and transmission technology.


Here's the Matrixstream MX1020HD set-top box, currently in the testing phase, which is said to be able to deliver 1080p video over an everyday "best effort" broadband connection. According to the company, the system accomplishes this feat by using H.264 compression and proprietary XMS streaming technology built into its head-end units it'll offer to service providers, and then decodes those signals with this set-top box which could be coming soon to a home theater near you.

The best part of this equation is that by the end of this year, IPTV might give you choices beyond just cable or satellite TV. Small, hotly competitive service providers are currently gearing up to offer the same services you get on cable and satellite, at even higher resolution. Sounds pleasingly disruptive.


Product Page [Matrixstream]

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