Why put your luggage in the belly of an aircraft when your luggage can be the belly of an aircraft? Enter the Aviator collection, suitcases that look like they could take the flight to your destination all on their own.

Designed by Timothy Oulton, the Aviator collection is a four-piece set with a distressed aluminum finish designed to evoke the classic F-14 Tomcat's badass titanium skin. And inside that metal shell is awesome fighter jet blueprint suedette.


The only real downside is that while Aviator suitcases look like they're made out of real fighter jet, they aren't; it's ordinary, flightless metal. Likewise, they can't actually fly. But if you've got a few hundred dollars just lying around and are willing to trade conveniences like wheels for pure style, you can find these bad boys at a limited selection of retailers for prices starting at $400. Just slightly cheaper than your own fleet of jets. [Timothy Oulton via Cool Material]