Comments Ahoy!

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So we've had our new comments system in the works for quite some time, and we have actually had it running for a while, but today is our unofficial launch. There are some new hot features that will please all of you outspoken commenters out there. Hit the jump to see the goods.

First off, you can now stalkerishly view person's profiles and it will display all of their comments across the Gawker Media Network. For example, when somebody flames Jason Chen for writing about another HTC product, you can click on the commenters name to see if they have a long standing history of flaming Jason Chen—it's an easy task to accomplish.

Secondly, you can now add avatars to your comments account, and they should work. Click on any post, and in the commenting section—if you are logged in—there should be a link to Edit your User Profile. There you can upload an avatar. Note that the avatars should be no larger than 160 x 160 pixels and the maximum file size is 250kb. Try to keep them in the web-friendly image formats like jpeg or gif.


Lastly, and most importantly: everyone can comment (kind of). If you feel the need to comment, simply type in the comment and pick a username and password. If it recognizes you as a new user, it will then ask to confirm the password and requests an optional e-mail address. Then submit the comment and it will be added to an invitation queue that our intern monkey will diligently take care of. Hooray comments!

Please behave. No need to turn our comments into a flaming war with other fanboys, or the Gizmodo staff. Play nice or fear our wrath, kiddos.