Compare Your Hop Tech 431 Tasting Notes Here

For those of you lucky enough to try a glass of Hop Tech 431, the IPA of the future brewed by Sixpoint for Gizmodo's Home of the Future, you'll probably want to share some tasting notes. After all, it uses a brand new hop called HBC 431—so experimental, it doesn't even have a real name yet—and we want to know what you think.

So, if you're at the Home of the Future, fill out of one of these cards that you'll see lying around and return it to the fine souls from Sixpoint—but consider typing your replies here, too, in the comments below. Just use the flavor names on the outside rim of the wheel, and the numbers 1-5, in increasing intensity (1 for low, 5 for bursting).


Better yet, we'll pass along all your comments to the hop breeders, who have the power to decide whether HBC 431 becomes a named, commercial variety or not.

Get tasting!

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