CompUSA Closing 128 Stores

Oops, looks like it's 128 stores, not 100 like we thought before. 229 minus 128 leaves only 101 stores—a nice round number that management no doubt was aiming for.

Also, a tipster tells us their training department (which made up of over 20% of their services) is closing as well.


BREAKING: CompUSA Closing 128 Stores [Consumerist]

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The only way a conventional store can compete with online merchants is the possibility of personal service from a live person.

After my one attempt to get any sort of service form CompUsa employees, all I can say is good riddance.

I bought an external DVD burner from them last year. It came with a 90 day warranty. The warranty card said that all warranty repairs or replacements were to be carried out by CompUsa. After about a week, it started to do weird things. It appeared (and sounded) as if the laser was actually contacting the disk as it spun.

I took it back, with the box, the receipt and the warranty card. I carefully explained to the youth behind the counter that {1} the drive was in 90 day warranty (and showed the receipt and the warranty card) and {2} That it was physically chewing up disks (I even showed him one). The rest of the conversation went like this:

CUSA: I'm sorry, we can't replace this, you didn't buy an extended warranty.

ME: it has a 90 day factory warranty and was purchased 2 weeks ago. I showed you the receipt and the warranty card. (at this point the youth look annoyed and scans the warranty card an receipt as if seeing them for the first time)

CUSA: This drive was made by [manufacturers name], you need to take it to them for service

ME: NO, it's one of your OEM's the warranty card says I take it to CompUsa , and you repair or replace it at your discretion. As it's two weeks old, I'd like it replaced. (youth stares at warranty card again as if a snake has just materialized in his hand)

CUSA: I cant replace it, you need to send it to the manufacturer.


The youth walks off and ten minutes later returns (without a manager):

CUSA: She says I can't give you your money back

ME: I didn't ask for my money back!!! Have you listened to a word I said? I want it replaced.

(the youth goes to consult with the manager again)

CUSA: She says that I can replace it.

ME: good

CUSA: (in a tone rather like he just discovered dog poop on his shoe) "you will have to go back there and get me another one"

Now I must confess to not having the best temper in situations like this, and there was something about his tone that really got me mad.

ME: The warranty card says that COMPUSA will replace the drive. Now Mo*fu**, which of us is wearing a little badge that says CompUsa?

I assume I looked psychopathic enough by this time that the kid actually went and got a replacement drive. Despite the fact that I had returned the whole package, with power cord, usb cable and documentation, he insists on unpacking the new drive and switching out only the drive itself. In doing so he (accidentally??) puts both USB cable in one box (not the one that I took home).

I really hope if he's still working there that his is the first job to go