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Further evidence that bricks-and-mortar stores are out of touch: our esteemed brothers at The Consumerist got a note from reader Rick, showing a letter he wrote to CompUSA after the company refused to budge on a $100 price for a Linksys network storage drive he found on the Internets for $84. CompUSA's salesperson said the company will only match the price of competitors doing business nearby. Says Rick:

"I'm confused. Did I time warp back to 1998? Does CompUSA not realize that they compete DIRECTLY with on-line retailers? I put the product back on the shelf. I did not buy any of the other accessories I was prepared to purchase from you. NewEgg got all of my business."


This is not surprising to us—we saw HDMI cables at Best Buy selling for upwards of $80 which were available on Internet for $15. How can these companies survive? It's crazy. It's the "get it now" mentality.

CompUSA Unaware of So-Called 'Internet' [The Consumerist]