Computer Glitch Leads to Beer Stampede at Tesco

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Shopping at Tesco stores in Scotland became a nightmare when a stampede of people flooded stores looking for cheap beer.

It all started when a computer glitch took the "buy three boxes of beer and save £11" promotion and turned it into "buy three boxes of beer for £11." One person told another person on Facebook, someone shared the news on Twitter and the pricing error went viral.

People descended on Tesco in droves. Fights were breaking out in parking lots, stampedes of people were entering the stores and customers were changing clothes so they could make several "beer runs." Even the police had to step in and manage the crowd at the Tesco store in Greenlock.


The retailer wouldn't say how much beer was sold before it could fix the error, but judging from the reports, there are a lot of happy customers enjoying cheap beer tonight. [BBC]

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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. I wonder how many people asked someone at the store if that was indeed the correct price before making a purchase.

I'd like to give people the benefit of the doubt and suspect they were blissfully unaware this was an error. I suppose in reality the vast majority knew it was an error but wanted to take advantage as quickly as possible before the error was fixed ... i.e., dishonest.